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SI22: Real Self Care (Not a Free Jeans Day) - From One Teacher to Another is a Course

SI22: Real Self Care (Not a Free Jeans Day) - From One Teacher to Another

Ended Jun 24, 2022
10 credits

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Full course description

Course Introduction

Mental health and self-care have been especially hot topics in the last few years, but what does it truly mean to put yourself first? Self-care isn't a free jeans day or a coupon for a duty-free day. This course will renew a work-self separation and remind you that boundaries are healthy and necessary.

Target Audience: Classroom teachers, school psychologists and counselors, preschool teachers, K-12 leaders

Course Instructor

Lindsay Ammirante


Course Dates

Course Opens for Viewing: 5/30/2022

Course Runtime: 6/6/2022 - 6/24/2022

This course has rolling enrollment. Begin any day after the posted start date and finish at your own pace by the posted end date.

No Required Live Sessions

Dropping and Refunds

Enrollees will be refunded, if they drop at least 5 business days prior to the workshop start date. No refunds can be provided after this period.


1 Credit = 1 Contact Hours.

Participants will receive documentation for the successful completion of this course. No university credit will be earned. Contact hours, listed as credits on this enrollment page, are defined as time spent under scheduled instruction, which can be synchronous or asynchronous. For additional details on how contact hours were determined for this offering, please review our Contact Hours Guide.

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