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Enhancing Early Language and Literacy Skills with Read It Again! (23-24)

2 credits


Full course description

About This Course 

This course provides the opportunity to learn to use the Read It Again! curriculum supplement to promote language and literacy foundations with children age birth to five. Read It Again! Infant/Toddler and Read It Again! PreK are free curriculum supplements that provide a systematic, intentional, and flexible approach to building children’s language and literacy skills in four learning domains: print knowledge, vocabulary, phonological awareness, and narrative. The twice-weekly brief lessons based on 15 high-quality storybooks are easy to use during your current shared reading time. The lessons are developed to provide repeated opportunities for children to learn and apply new concepts. The learning objectives are sequenced so that the supplemental lessons progress from easier concepts to more difficult concepts. The lessons in both versions of Read It Again! include a Learners’ Ladder to offer scaffolding strategies for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all children. Read It Again! also provides built in opportunities to monitor children’s growth in the four learning domains. Learners will be provided access to download both versions of the free Read It Again! curriculum supplement.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify three ways Read It Again! helps children ages 0-5 build early language and literacy skills.
  • Identify the four learning domains in Read It Again! and how these are taught within each lesson.
  • Identify the six scaffolding strategies used to differentiate instruction and how they can be applied in each Read It Again! lesson.
  • Plan how to use the Read It Again! progress monitoring tools in practice.
  • Plan how to integrate Read It Again! into your learning environment.


Credit Information

This course is provided by the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. This module is an Ohio Approved online professional development event. Learners wanting to receive Ohio Approved credit must be registered in the Ohio Professional Registry and provide the necessary information for credit to be given. Credit may take up to 30 days to be entered into the Ohio Professional Registry.


Technical Assistance:

The recommended browser for taking this course is Google Chrome or Firefox

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